Cevisama Trends 2018Cevisama 2018, Valencia

Cevisama 2018, ValenciaLatest trends of the Cevisama of 2018, one of the most important fairs in the national panorama in ceramic tiles for interiors and exteriors, bathroom furniture, toilets and other accessories. And all the innovations for your home or business.

Starting trends in decoration at the beginning of the year, Cevisama is held annually in Valencia. Marking February as a key month formal professionals in the sector.

1- 3D tiles

As we already lived in the last edition of Cevisama, this year we have been left open-mouthed with the new designs and the possibilities of decoration with these 3D tiles.

Some pieces that stand out and show a detailed texture and especially with which to create incredible visual effects.

Cerámica Marazzi en Burgos Duplex materiales de construcción

Cerámica Marazzi in Duplex Building Materials

2- A before and after in the hydraulics, do you dare?

There is always a great possibility when creating new spaces, with these hydraulics, we can give the desired life to our design. It is nothing new, but the tendency to geometry in this section is the beginning.

3- Top large formats 

The trend of large formats specialize in different designs, the most striking marble, with different varieties of white or black. With which to cover both floors and walls alike.

Some pieces of almost 3 meters with which to cover the spaces without any joints and the advantage of being a ceramic tile.

Cerámica Marazzi Burgos en Duplex Materiales de construcción

Ceramic tile Marazzi Cevisama in Duplex Building Materials

4- A different touch to your bathroom.

That detail which the guests stay from your home, the shower trays were an invention in Spain, but have come to stay and conquer other countries, for their convenience, less problems in leaks and especially in the works. In other construction fairs it is being very well received by all.

These are an example of shower trays, that there is nothing impossible to make your bathroom of your dreams.

Plato de ducha duplach en Burgos Cevisama

Shower tray Duplach in Cevisama Cevisama 2018

Also in all matters relating to bathroom furniture, another well-known reference is the Santander brand Bathco, in which we propose a wide range of toilets, having a unique style in our bathrooms.

Batchco en Burgos Duplex materiales de construcción

Batchco in Cevisama Duplex Building Materials

5- Terrazzo comes stomping

Since we closed the factory Duplex terraces, have not returned to be a trend, until now! Manufacturers, architects and designers have taken it with strength in their designs, flooring walls or simply in small details that will make your home a unique place.

This inspiration of the manufactures, makes clear the advance of the manufacturers to recover materials used in the ceramic format, with all the advantages that this brings.

We show you different designs to give you an idea.

Gala cerámica en Burgos Duplex materiales de construcción

Gala cerámica in Cevisama Duplex Building Materials

6- New gadgets that help us everyday

Another of the innovations of Cevisama 2018 was a household appliance. His name is BioW, which helps you day by day improving the quality of life of the home you are in. And more for people who lives in big cities!

BioWair filtro aire calidad de vida

BioWair filtro quality air filter